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Index: Witch World

Click to see a detailed list of books constituting the Witch World Series Witch World Series - Bibliography

It is the Witch World series that Ms. Norton is most famous for and certainly not without a reason. Although it all started with a single book, many other have been added and now the series include more than thirty items. This page will aid you in the process of collecting the Witch World books and stories, which, having in mind the sheer number of those, might, at the beginning, seem a bit dauting.

Click to see what Ms. Norton says about the creation of WW Creation of the Witch World

Have you read the Witch World and enjoyed it? Wish to know more about the origins of this extraordinary world? Here's an occassion to get acquainted with what Ms. Norton herself said about its backgrounds. Updated - new articles added.

Click to see the genealogies of the Witch World Genealogies of the Witch World

This page features genealogical trees of the most important characters appearing in the Witch World series. Does help to clarify who's whose uncle, daughter, father or spouse.

Click to see links to other Witch World sites Links to other Witch World sites

If you crave for more information about the Witch World, here is a portion of links to other sites that specialise in this series. All of them worth paying a visit.

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