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As Ms. Norton's age progressed, she was no longer able to keep the library running and so it had to be closed in 2004 and all the books were sold at an auction. This page remains in memory of Ms. Norton's idea, so that one day others may fallow her steps and the library will be reborn.

   High Hallack Genre Writers' Research and Reference Library is a unique facility which is the result of more than half a century of labour. A tax-exempt foundation, it is intended to provide writers and scholars of "popular" literature - that is, those whose work deals with the genres of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, western, romance, gothic, or horror - a peaceful place for research and-reference study.

   The Library's books have been carefully selected for this purpose and include outstanding examples, both early and contemporary, of every genre, as well as relevant non-fiction studies and handbooks for writing in that field. Foreign material is represented, too, as are publications which have long been out of print.

NEW:   [News, 6 march 2004]
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