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Index: The Halfblood Chronicles Encyclopaedia: Introduction
by Maciej Zaleski - Ejgierd*

Introduction to the Encyclopaedia of the Halfblood Chronicles Introduction

This page features a short introduction to this compendium, removed from the index page to make the browsking more convenient.

The Halfblood Chronicles Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia of the Halfblood Chronicles

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The Halfblood Chronicles Encyclopaedia is a handy source of information - hypertextual links allow to find any entry of interest in a short time. For your convenience, the Encyclopedia has been divided into five parts, so that the files didn't take too long to load.

Halfblood Chronicles’ Genealgical Trees Halfblood Chronicles' Genealogical Trees

The genealogical trees will allow you to twig the complex realtionships between the multitude of characters appearing in the Elvenbane and Elvenblood. Now interactive! Clicking on any of the names will make the browser display the corresponding entry.

aaa Interactive Map of the Halfblood Chronicles World

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Clicking on this link will take you to the interactive map of the world of the Halfblood Chronicles. The map is connected with the Encyclopaedia, so that you wouldn't have to search for corresponding entries. The map image is ~50 kB long.

I would like to express my gratitude to W. Richard Frahm for his immeasurable help.

* If you wish to learn more about the author, click on his name.

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