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Index: Works of Andre Norton

  " I've seen a complete collection of Andre Norton's books and it haunts me to this day, sort of like the sight of an unscalable Everest. "

C. J. Cherrych

This part of the site is solely dedicated to works of Andre Norton. You will find here lists of her books, stories, collections and poems, hints as where to buy them and many more things ...

Complete Norton Bibliography - by date of first publishing Complete Norton Bibliography

This page features a chronological list (sorted by date of first publishing) of all works of Ms. Norton. There's no better way to see how prolific a writer she is than taking a look inside.

Click to see poems written by Andre Norton Poems by Andre Norton

Most of the reader's attention is directed towards Andre Norton's prose, which is no wonder when one compares her output in this field and the one in the field of poetry. Yet, Ms. Norton does write poems and this page strives to gather them all and account for their style.

A list of short stories written by Ms. Norton Short stories by Andre Norton

On this page you will find a complete list of all short stories written by Andre Norton together with the names of the anthologies/magazines they can be found in to aid you in your "hunt". Enjoy!

Alphabetical list of Norton books Books by Andre Norton

      Alphabetical list      Norton books by Series      Text Only version (sorted by series)     
The three pages feature lists of books (only) written by Andre Norton. The alphabetical list is the best one to printed out - especially useful when visiting a bookshop, while the series list is a great tool to check out whether a book you enjoyed has a prequel or sequel (there is also a text-only version that loads faster).

Collections edited by Andre Norton Collections and anthologies edited by Ms. Norton

The list of collections and anthologies edited by Ms. Norton is perhaps a short one, but each position features stories by the best of SF-F and is worth spending some time on - especially the superb Catfantastic anthologies.

Click to see what new Norton books are to be published Waiting to be published

Here's a tasty bit for any Norton fan. Curious what books/stories await to be published? There is no need to visit a fotune-teller! It's enough to take a look inside.

Click to see a list of bookstores where you can buy Norton books Where can I buy Norton books?

This page is to aid you whenever you'd like to buy a Norton book - it features a list bookshops where you can buy those.

Please help! In order for this page to be as useful as I would wish it to be, much more bookshops need to be added. Please, share the information about the bookshops in your area - take a look inside, fill in the form and press the submit button!.

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