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Books written by Andre Norton: Alphabetical List
by Maciej Zaleski - Ejgierd* and Greg Kepa (after 1999)

Last updated:   ver 2.02

Title Co-author(s) First Published Series Notes
Android at Arms   1971  
At Swords' Point   1954 Lorens van Norreys [NGF]
Atlantis Endgame Sherwood Smith 2002 Ross Murdock/Time War [NGF]
Beast Master, the   1959 [rev. 1961] Hosteen Storm
Beast Master's Ark Lyn McConchie 1954 Hosteen Storm
Bertie and May Bertha Stemm Norton (her mother) 1969   [NGF]
Black Trillium Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May 1990 Trillium
Breed to Come   1972  
Brother to Shadows   1993  
Caroline Enid Cushing 1982   [NGF]
Catseye   1961 Dipple  
Ciara's Song Lyn McConchie 1998 Witch World  
Crossroads of Time, the   1956 Crosstime  
Crosstime Agent see Quest Crosstime
Crown Disowned, a Sasha Miller 2002 Book of the Oak  
Crystal Gryphon, the   1972 Witch World (High Hallack Cycle) The Gryphon Saga
Dare to Go A-Hunting   1990 Free Traders  
Dark Piper   1968  
Daybreak 2250 A.D. see Star Man's Son 2250 A.D.
Day of the Ness, the Michael Gilbert 1975  
Defiant Agents, the   1962 Ross Murdock/Time War  
Derelict for Trade Sherwood Smith 1997 Solar Queen  
Dragon Magic   1972 The Magic Sequence [YA]  
Dread Companion   1970  
Echoes in time Sherwood Smith 1999 Ross Murdock/Time War  
Elvenbane, the Mercedes Lackey 1991 The Halfblood Chronicles  
Elvenblood Mercedes Lackey 1995 The Halfblood Chronicles  
Elvenborn Mercedes Lackey 2002 The Halfblood Chronicles  
Empire of the Eagle Susan Schwartz 1993  
Exile Mary Schaub 1992 Witch World The Turning II: Flight of Vengeance
Exiles of the Stars   1971 Free Traders  
Eye of the Monster   1962  
Falcon Hope P.M.Griffin 1992 Witch World The Turning II: Flight of Vengeance
Falcon Magic Sasha Miller 1994 Witch World The Turning III: On Wings of Magic
Firehand P.M. Griffin 1994 Ross Murdock/Time War  
Flight in Yiktor   1986 Free Traders  
Follow the Drum   1942   [NGF]
Forerunner   1981 Forerunner/Shan Lantee  
Forerunner Foray   1973 Dipple and Forerunner/Shan Lantee [also in Dipple series]
Forerunner: The Second Venture   1985 Forerunner/Shan Lantee  
Fur Magic   1968 [Grant, 1993] The Magic Sequence [YA] [O/3N= The Magic Books 1988]
Galactic Derelict   1959 Ross Murdock/Time War  
Gate of the Cat   1987 Witch World (Estcarp Cycle)  
Golden Trillium   1993 Trillium  
Gray Magic see Steel Magic
Gryphon in Glory   1981 Witch World (High Hallack Cycle) The Gryphon Saga
Gryphon's Eyrie A.C. Crispin 1984 Witch World (High Hallack Cycle) The Gryphon Saga
Hands of Lyr, the   1994  
Here Abide Monsters   1973  
Horn Crown   1981 Witch World (High Hallack Cycle)  
House of Shadows Phyllis Miller 1984  
Huon of the Horn   1951  
Ice Crown   1970  
Imperial Lady Susan Schwartz 1989  
Iron Butterflies   1980   [NGF]
Iron Cage   1974  
Island of the Lost see Sword in Sheath
Jargoon Pard   1974 Witch World (High Hallack Cycle)  
Jekyll Legacy, the Robert Bloch 1990  
Judgment on Janus   1963 Janus and Dipple [also in Janus series]
Key of the Keplian, the Lyn McConchie 1995 Witch World  
Key Out of Time   1963 Ross Murdock/Time War  
Knave of Dreams   1975  
Knight or Knave Sasha Miller 2001 Book of the Oak  
Lady of the Trillium not written by A. Norton 1995 Trillium by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Last Planet, the see Star Rangers
Lavender-Green Magic   1974 The Magic Sequence [YA]  
Leopard in Exile Rosemary Edhill 2001 Carolus Rex
Lord of Thunder   1962 Hosteen Storm  
Lore of the Witch World   1980 Witch World Collection of stories
Mage Stone, the Mary Schaub 1996 Witch World  
Maid at Arms Enid Cushing 1981   [NGF] Norton uncredited collaborator
Mark of the Cat, the   1992  
Mark of the Cat :Year of the Rat, the   2002  
Merlin's Mirror   1975  
Mind for Trade Sherwood Smith 1997 Solar Queen  
Mirror of Destiny   1995  
Moon Called   1982  
Moon Mirror   1988   collection [inc. Outside]
Moon of Three Rings   1966 Free Traders  
Murders For Sale Grace Allen Hogarth 1954   [NGF] As Allen Weston
Night of Masks   1964 Dipple  
No Night Without Stars   1975  
Octagon Magic   1967 The Magic Sequence [YA]  
Opal-Eyed Fan, the   1977  
Operation Time Search   1967  
Ordeal in Otherwhere   1964 Forerunner/Shan Lantee  
Outside   1975  
Perilous dreams   1976    
Plague Ship   1956 Solar Queen [orig. as Andrew North]
Port of Dead Ships P.M.Griffin 1991 Witch World The Turning I: Storms of Victory
Postmarked the Stars   1969 Solar Queen  
Prince Commands, the   1934   [NGF]
Quag Keep   1978  
Quest Crosstime   1965 Crosstime  
Ralestone Luck   1938   [NGF]
Rebel Spurs   1962 Draw Rennie [NGF]
Red Hart Magic   1976 The Magic Sequence [YA]  
Redline the Stars P.M. Griffin 1993 Solar Queen  
Ride Proud Rebel!   1961 Draw Rennie [NGF]
Ride the Green Dragon Phyllis Miller 1985   [NGF]
Rogue Reynard   1947   [YA]
Sargasso of Space   1955 Solar Queen [orig. as Andrew North]
Scarface   1948   [NGF]
Scent of Magic, The   1998    
Sea Siege   1957  
Seakeep P.M.Griffin 1991 Witch World  
Secret of the Lost Race   1959  
Serpent's Tooth   1987   [CB]
Seven Spells to Sunday Phyllis Miller 1979  
Shadow Hawk   1960   [NGF]
Shadow of Albion, the Rosemary Edhill 1999 Carolus Rex  
Sioux Spacemen, the   1960  
Small Shadows Creep   1974   edited
Sneeze on Sunday see Murders for Sale
Snow Shadow   1979   [NGF]
Songsmith, the A.C. Crispin 1992 Witch World (High Hallack Cycle)  
Sorceress of the Witch World   1968 Witch World (Estcarp Cycle)  
Spell of the Witch World   1972 Witch World (High Hallack Cycle)  
Stand & Deliver   1984   [NGF]
Stand to Horse   1956   [NGF]
Star Born   1957 Pax/Astra  
Star Gate   1958  
Star Guard   1955 Central Control  
Star Hunter   1961  
Star Hunter & Voodoo Planet   1968   [O/2N]
Star Man's Son 2250 A.D.   1952  
Star Rangers   1953 Central Control  
Stars are Ours!, the   1954 Pax/Astra  
Steel Magic   1965 The Magic Sequence [YA]  
Storm Over Warlock   1960 Forerunner/Shan Lantee  
Sword in Sheath   1949 Lorens van Norreys [NGF]
Sword is Drawn, the   1944 Lorens van Norreys [NGF]
Ten Mile Treasure   1981   [NGF]
Three Against the Witch World   1965 Witch World (Estcarp Cycle)  
Tiger Burning Bright Marion Zimmer Bradley, Mercedes Lackey 1995  
Time Traders, the   1958 Ross Murdock/Time War  
To the King a Daughter Sasha Miller 2000 Book of the Oak  
Trey of Swords   1977 Witch World (Estcarp Cycle)  
Uncharted Stars   1969 Jern Murdock  
Velvet Shadows   1977   [NGF]
Victory on Janus   1966 Janus  
Voodoo Planet   1959 Solar Queen [orig. as Andrew North]
Voorloper   1980  
Warding of the Witch World, the   1997 Witch World  
'Ware Hawk   1983 Witch World (Estcarp Cycle)  
Warlock of the Witch World   1967 Witch World (Estcarp Cycle)  
We, the Women Patricia Mathews 1994 Witch World The Turning III: On Wings of Magic
Web of the Witch World, the   1964 Witch World (Estcarp Cycle)  
Wheel of Stars   1983  
White Jade Fox, the   1975   [NGF]
Wind In the Stone   1999  
Witch World, the   1963 Witch World (Estcarp Cycle)  
Wolfshead see Secret of the Lost Race
Wraiths of Time   1976  
X Factor, the   1965  
Yankee Privateer   1955   [NGF]
Year of the Unicorn   1965 Witch World (High Hallack Cycle)  
Yurth Burden   1978  
Zarsthor's Bane   1978 Witch World (High Hallack Cycle)  
Zero Stone, the   1968 Jern Murdock  


[CB] - Chapbook (a very short book, or pamphlet)
[YA] - The book is for young adults
[NGF] - Non-Genre Fiction
[O] - Omnibus. Includes other books

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