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Index: Andre Norton

Click to see basic information about Andre Norton Who is Andre Norton?

Presented on this page are the basic information about Andre Norton. Although it is specially dedicated for those who know little or nothing about the writer, it also contains information that will probably be of interest to any Norton fan.

Click to see Ms. Norton’s detailed biography Detailed Biography

This page concentrates on Andre Norton and her life, featuring one of the most detailed biographies you will find anywhere, in both electronic and printed sources.

Awards Andre Norton received. Awards Andre Norton received

Andre Norton's writing talent is widely acknowledged in the SF-F half-world - she received almost every possible award in the field of Fantasy. This page features a list of these awards, a fruit of a lifetume career.

Click to see what Ms. Norton says about her writing Ms. Norton about her writing

Our opinion about books and authors are most often shaped by our own experiences and some critiques we happen to read. Rarely do we wonder what was the author's basic idea and assess their work from that point of view. Here you've got the chance to see what Ms. Norton says about her writing. Enjoy!

Click to see an interview with Andre Norton Interview with Andre Norton

Thanks to Mr. Dave Truesdale, editor of the Tangent Magazine, you are able to read an interview Ms. Norton agreed to give John L. Coker III in 1997. The interview is one of the most comprehensive ever conducted (and believe me, I've read quite a few of them) and is a great source of information on Ms. Norton.

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